by CokePokes

Search/download corn from four different corn sites.

iOS 9+

Fixed ability to Download on the unc0ver jailbreak.

Sandboxed the app!

Fixes ads not loading

Fixed downloading videos on iOS 13+

Increased the speed of downloads

Added a prompt to migrate videos to the sandbox.

Fixed related videos in PoHub

Fixed playing certain videos in PoHub

Added LGBT option! Lots of butts for ya guys!

Added notifications for downloads

Fix for playing some/most PornHub videos

Added a Vibrator

Removed launch ad. See if this fixes the crashes.

Added 'Related Videos' to video thumbs

Fixed XNXX/RedTube Search

Added a Game Mode to hide app.

Fixed a potential crash.

Now signed with entitlements that should fix downloads on kppless devices. Thanks Jake!

Fixed blue bar after dismissing ad

Fixed ability to dimiss ad if it was not loaded

Can now delete 'missing' downloaded videos

Note: Try a respring after opening the app. May fix downloads not playing after finishing dl.