by CokePokes

Allows you to downgrade/upgrade apps in the AppStore, block updates, bypass 200MB download limit, disable search ads & disable app thinning.

iOS 11.x-14.5

Fixed a crash in itunesstored daemon (downloading apps regularly would hang)

Blocking updates is working more reliably.

Fixed a bug with the chinese webscraping.

Fixed the update badge on the AppStore. If it's wrong, manually refresh updates.

Prolly fixed a few other bugs but I don't remember.

Fixed camera hang in v0.9.16-1

Removed MixRank since they became lil bitches and locked version history behind accounts.

Replaced MixRank with some chinese site. Hopefully it holds longer than Mixrank. I can RIP again.

Go buy a share of GME, you'll thank me later but I want 10 percent of profits. hehehe.

Also note to future parents, quit circumcising your kids. Let it be their choice when theyre older. The Kellogs cereal founder made it a thing cuz he wanted to stop dudes from experiencing pleasure. Dont believe me? Look it up.

End transmission..

Dropped NSDistributedNotificationCenter to fix lags systemwide.

This change may fix the black camera bug and some crashes.

To those that were experiencing these bugs, please let me know @cokepokes if the issue is fixed.

Pretty sure I fixed the camera problem & app hangs.

Added option to reset AppStore++ preferences in

Fixed a crash when deleting apps within AppStore++ on iOS14+

Removed my dev certificate that may have been causing the Odyssey jailbreak to hang. Thanks @aspen for letting me know!

Attemped to fix a springboard issue caused by dlopen. Let me know if you still get a black camera occasionally. Usually sorted with a respring.

Cleans my junk from the appstore & springboard preference files.

Finally found a fix for preferences. They are now stored in keychain and accessible between the 3 processes without doing some exhausting bullshit. This should fix the issue where the Auto preference wasnt working for DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Please make one normal OEM purchase/update without the help of appstoreplus to solve the unable to process purchases at this time error.

Removed uicache command so Cydia doesnt crash and cause a dpkg error. If you have the new line error, you can email me at cokepokes at gmail and ill help you fix it if still in jailbroken state. I was told someone used odessey to rejailbreak and then fixed the newline error and reverted back to unc0ver. Not sure if they lost their tweaks. rootfs will fix it obviously but thats last resort.

Fixes an issue where downgrades fails. (Install a free app without using AppStore Plus first)

Testing out ads. Yea I know. This sucks for everyone but my server costs 55.00 a month to host AppStorePlus. I shouldnt be spending my savings on a tweak I created. Instead of shutting the tweak down Im introducing ads to see if that will sustain the server costs. I sorta relied on the community to donate to help but the jailbreak community isnt very giving. Ive gotten two substantial donations in the past 4 months, Andy and Rashed. I plan to refund them if the ads cover the costs. I doubt they will but Im optimistic. Im not sure how the tweak will work if youre using an adblocker. Let me know. Love Coke.

Mixrank is set up as backup throughout the tweak.

Springboard portion of the tweak will use MixRank to get versions when my website is down. Or if I die.

No longer requires login for force touch downgrades

Added option to disable force touch in AppStore++ prefs

Force touch icon respects darkmode prefs

Dropped letsdowngrade requirement. I did this because I dont want to open letsdowngrade to allow downgrades without a login.

Fixed a bug when deleting apps within AppStore++ prefs

Added an icon to the force touch view

Force touch downgrade should now work on iOS11+

Prevent a crash from force touch if something went wrong

Added ability to downgrade from force touch on app icons. iOS13+ only

Now uses letsdowngrade

Reworked itunesstored hook to not hit my server as hard for logging, if everyone installs this the server might not go down as much.

Fixed preferences on every iOS version by using NSUserDefaults.

Fixed blocking updates on iOS 13.5.

Fixes another crash and may fix many other issues some users have reported.

Loading server stuff on a backgrounded thread so thats good, may fix some crashes too.

Fixed crashes in itunesstored when using Update All button and some other bug fixes.

Fixed badge count for blocked updates..not sure if this works on iOS12.

Fixed preferences on unc0ver v4.3.1 on iOS 12.4 & below. Apparently the unc0ver version I was using nuked preferences. Like what in the actual fuck. I miss the old jailbreak when things werent wishy washy & developing things just worked out of the box. I really need to write my own preferences XPC daemon instead of checking conditions on the device and writing preferences in different directories.


Reworked the preferences yet again..fml

Should fix blocking on Chinese AppStore

Fixes lag when opening Account/Updates & AppStore++ settings

Now uses Cephei instead of rocketbootstrap

Fixed a crash when holding Arcade item buttons

Auto pastes identifier when using Manual Install

Please respring after installing!

Reworked rocketbootstrap implementation by seperating preferences into 2 different files

Reenabled Disable App Thinning option

Bug fixes related to rocketbootstrap

Fixed alot of issues on unc0ver hopefully/blocking updates

Added Manage Installed Apps section

Added app icons and version installed in Blocked Updates list

Added rocketbootstrap dependency because unc0ver doesnt fuck with entitlements like every other jailbreak. This is why i have issues developing for unc0ver. Its a jailbreak developers nightmare. I spent hours changing my code to accommodate the sandbox restrictions. fml.

Bug fixes.

Fixed blocking issue introduced in v0.9.8-5.

Added better method for hiding updates. Please unblock apps and reblock on iOS13+.

Fixed hiding updates on iOS13.x

Full downgrade support on A12/13 devices.

Partial A12/13 support. Its whatever.

Fixes a freeze when my website is unresponsive.

Fixes a crash when trying to downgrade certain apps in the AppStore.

No longer need to navigate to the app depiction on iOS 12.2.

iOS 12.2 support. Requires to go to the app depiction before downgrading.

Potentially fixed an issue that opens the target app.

Added option to disable app thinning.

Added list of Blocked Updates in tweak preferences. (Hold the account button to access)

Fixes a crash when using "Manual Install." May fix a few other bugs with downgrading.

Fixed an issue where app lookup did not work in other countries. If you get an error with 'couldn't be opened', try opening the app description first before downgrading.

Behind the scene bugfixes you prolly won't notice.

Prolly fixes a sh*t ton of bugs for new users since preferences weren't being saved. Sooooo yea this explains why Block Updates wasn't working for some of you and prolly some other wild bugs that relied on prefs to communicate with the itunesstored daemon. My brad.

Added preference for 3G/4G Unrestrictor for 150MB+ downloads

Added Preferences

Added popup tips!

Fixed an issue where Block Update was not working on some devices.

Fixed an issue where downgrade never was initiated.

Fixed an issue where user's manual installs were getting logged to my server leading to bad update info for others.

Note: If you're tired of downgrades requiring passcode/faceID, download any app normally once.

Cleaned code that could have caused issues downgrading.

Manage apps from any Buy/Open/Get button, even from Updates tab. Finally.

Fix for Blocking Updates on iOS11

Fixed postrm script to unload tweak from daemons.

Added Option to Block Updates

(Not sure if Block Updates works with Auto Update enabled. Report back!)

Fixed crash on iPad

Potentially fixed the tweak from not loading on some devices.

arm64e support (A12)

Fixed an issue where versions wouldn't load from server.

Finally squashed the bug that opened the target app.

Changed hold time to 0.4.

Fixed a bug that opened the target app when downgrading.