by CokePokes

Allows you to downgrade/upgrade apps in the AppStore, block updates, bypass 200MB download limit, disable search ads & disable app thinning.

iOS 11.x-12.4

Fixes a freeze when my website is unresponsive.

Fixes a crash when trying to downgrade certain apps in the AppStore.

No longer need to navigate to the app depiction on iOS 12.2.

iOS 12.2 support. Requires to go to the app depiction before downgrading.

Potentially fixed an issue that opens the target app.

Added option to disable app thinning.

Added list of Blocked Updates in tweak preferences. (Hold the account button to access)

Fixes a crash when using "Manual Install." May fix a few other bugs with downgrading.

Fixed an issue where app lookup did not work in other countries. If you get an error with 'couldn't be opened', try opening the app description first before downgrading.

Behind the scene bugfixes you prolly won't notice.

Prolly fixes a sh*t ton of bugs for new users since preferences weren't being saved. Sooooo yea this explains why Block Updates wasn't working for some of you and prolly some other wild bugs that relied on prefs to communicate with the itunesstored daemon. My brad.

Added preference for 3G/4G Unrestrictor for 150MB+ downloads

Added Preferences

Added popup tips!

Fixed an issue where Block Update was not working on some devices.

Fixed an issue where downgrade never was initiated.

Fixed an issue where user's manual installs were getting logged to my server leading to bad update info for others.

Note: If you're tired of downgrades requiring passcode/faceID, download any app normally once.

Cleaned code that could have caused issues downgrading.

Manage apps from any Buy/Open/Get button, even from Updates tab. Finally.

Fix for Blocking Updates on iOS11

Fixed postrm script to unload tweak from daemons.

Added Option to Block Updates

(Not sure if Block Updates works with Auto Update enabled. Report back!)

Fixed crash on iPad

Potentially fixed the tweak from not loading on some devices.

arm64e support (A12)

Fixed an issue where versions wouldn't load from server.

Finally squashed the bug that opened the target app.

Changed hold time to 0.4.

Fixed a bug that opened the target app when downgrading.