by CokePokes

Allows you to downgrade/upgrade apps in the AppStore, block updates, bypass 200MB download limit, disable search ads & disable app thinning.

iOS 11.x-15

No longer depends on a country code for looking up apps! I finally figured out how to get the bundleId from the GET button. That mf was a bitch since its coded in swift. Rejoice!

SpringBoard 3D touch no longer needs to look up since my dumbass had the answer all along for getting the store id for an app. So no country code needed there either!

Basically everything I just wrote means that it fixes a crash if you live outside the US. No more multiple connections to apples server for lookups.

I probably did some other things too but this was a drunk build. Install at your own risk, bitch.

Hopefully fixes a crash, if not install libcr4shedsend from my repo + Cr4shed

Switched some shit around, springboard now handles uploads

Using SSDevice to grab country code since it seems to be more reliable than NSLocale

Fixes a crash when downgrading/blocking updates when device region is set outside of the U.S.

Allows users outside of the US to crowd source app versions. (Didnt realize apps werent logging in other countries)

Fixes the Auto Download Option on some devices.

Some code optimization in network requests.

Love yourself!

Fixed bug caused from webscraping when server is down. (weird version numbers/crash)

Allow downgrades in springboard Spotlight search. Requires auth.